Mightier is a company out of Boston, MA that sells a biofeedback-based video gaming product that helps children regulate their emotions. They wanted to market to employers and healthcare insurance providers by creating new enterprise pages on their website.

Working closely with the marketing team and the product design lead, I expounded on their competitive analysis research to construct the Information Architecture. Then I led design on the pages, including data visualization modules, a synopsis of product offerings, and a new contact form.

We were under a time crunch and had to work quickly before winter break began, but Mightier was able to use these pages to successfully launch their enterprise campaign.
Our design process walked through four main steps:

Our Approach

Testing & Iterating
Gather information around the problem.
Distill information to define key problems.
Brainstorm solutions to the problems.
User test prototyped mock-ups and rework designs.

Employers Page

The Employers Page highlights the need for companies to provide mental health benefits to their employees' children, in order to improve retention.

We chose a neutral grey color scheme for the background to provide contrast against the brighter, more whimsical family-targeted pages, and chose images that reflected parents with children.

Data visualization focused on the effect that children's mental health struggles can have on a parent's capability to work.
Then we spoke with women in semi-structured interviews about their experiences, and learned how information, communication and support impacted their outcomes.
We heard things like:
First, we conducted an extensive literature review of medical journals, health sites, and news articles on issues surrounding pregnancy-related hypertensive diseases.


What are the problems?

I knew about pre-eclampsia...I didn't know about HELLP Syndrome, though, not even when I got it. I found out about it when I got transferred by ambulance to a higher-level hospital.
Hey, if something feels off, you need to just trust your body and your gut and pursue it. It’s not worth the risk to you when a doctor brushes you off. It’s your life, and people die of this.

Health Plans Page

The Health Plans Page uses some of the same modules as the Employers Page but we reworked others to focus on meeting families' needs by offering greater access to mental health, in order to attract and retain members.

We changed the color scheme to a light blue and the images to show health workers and a child playing the Mightier program.

Data visualization also changed to reflect statistics on access to care and the effects of emotional dysregulation for children.

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