CKB UX Design & Writing


Cassandra Kennedy Beauty (CKB) is a Fine Art Beauty team in Portland, Oregon. In early 2021, I consulted on the owner's new website's information architecture, copy and images. Later in the year, I spent several months documenting the business work and process flows as well as strategizing offerings and pricing menus.

Utilizing her current branding assets, I formulated her value proposition and then designed and UX wrote digital and print marketing materials for the CMS that addressed user pain points. These include video scripting, brochures, menus and sample timelines; the last three being the focus of this showcase.

As a result, she was able to successfully market to her target customers, establish her company in the luxury wedding industry, increase project profits and create the work/life balance she wanted.

My Approach

My design process walked through four main steps:
Gather information about current workflow and CMS
Identify key problem areas and potential solutions
Create a set of documents
Workshop documents for greater usability

Brochure Samples

For these portions of the brochure, I wanted to convey how CKB's values of service met the needs of her clients. I spoke with her at length about her new luxury-level offerings and then I organized her thoughts into three specific categories that simultaneously address two major user pain points for brides: rigid wedding day schedules and makeup that doesn't fit their style.

Menu Sample

The goal for the menus was to guide the client through the features, options and example timelines with such clarity that they could compare and contrast various packages without confusion. This saves the business and potential client time on communications.

Timeline Samples

Wedding day timelines are notoriously difficult to explain and plan with bridal clients. Cassandra and I knew that it would be a helpful time-saver for all involved parties to share example timelines up front, so I designed three common types of timelines to be able to envision how a wedding day might pan out.
Feedback & Results
CKB reported a successful wedding season stemming from the implementation of the new offerings and marketing materials. She was able to reach her business goals of strategically marketing her company in the luxury wedding industry and achieving the work/life balance she wanted by cutting back her previous year's project load by 271%, while still increasing her average project profit by 233%.

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