Renee likes building connections with in-depth user research.

Meet Renee.

Renee likes connecting the dots with flexible problem-solving.

Renee likes dotting i's and crossing t's with detailed visual design.

I'm Renee Bruhn,

Tragically, my all-encompassing dream job remained elusive until one day, while doom-scrolling Instagram, I spotted a friend’s post about her career pivot into UX. It seemed too good to be true: research, analysis, and design in order to (hopefully) better the world???
But it wasn’t just a fever dream! I immediately copied my friend, got schooled and practiced the heck out of UX. Luckily, all that time backpacking wasn’t wasted, because teaching, social work and business skills help me research, communicate and understand user needs. And music and makeup artistry skills help me structure content and keep the visuals and copy cohesive. It's almost like it was meant to be.
I’m fulfilled by helping people
Solving problems gives me joy
All the bones in my body are creative 
When perusing a hodgepodge colorfully varied resume, it’s usually safe to assume that millennial took a gap decade backpacking through Career Land to find herself. 100% accurate.
and I've been designing my whole life. Whether it's music composition, visual arts or product design, the work of creative problem-solving carries the same familiar thrill of challenge and reward that I love.

My breadth of experience in design, small business, education, and social work helps me strategically, diagnostically, and creatively approach problem-solving with a range of modalities.
If you're a company whose products play a part of meaningful change in people's lives, I'd love to work with you.
Most recently, I worked with a company that supports children’s mental health through biofeedback-based video gaming. Working cross-functionally with various teams, I conducted user research and created data-driven designs to increase conversion rate.
After composing, teaching, social working and makeup artistry businessing, this special snowflake emerged with three major takeaways:
Makeup Artist / Business Owner
UX Designer
Social Worker
Music Teacher / Composer
Sporting my participation ribbon like it’s a limited edition Lisa Frank puffy sticker. 
What I Need
Visual creativity
Growth potential
The B.U.X. (Before UX) journey.
For more details, take a gander at my resume.
If you want to talk with me about cheese, my emoji choices or hiring me at your amazing company, send me a message below. I look forward to it.

Some strengths:

Growth mindset
Human-centered technology
Multiple perspectives

Some things I value:

I think in gif
Cheese is my soulmate
There may be some cheaters game players out there who view me as slightly competitive

Some other things:

Drop me a line, if you please.

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