Hi, I'm Renée Bruhn,

a freelance UX Designer in Portland, Oregon.

Research and branding are my absolute favorites, so if you need someone to solve all your problems and give you a makeover, I'm your huckleberry. Read more about me here.

Health app & wearable design

Google Novi Maternal Health App
Conceptual project

Livestream feature addition

Spotify Digital Concerts
Conceptual project

Branding & strategy

Beautiful Day Co. Toiletries Website

Research & branding

Kaus Insurance Responsive Website
Conceptual project

About me: a brief synopsis

(If you're pressed for time here's a bit of actual footage of my grad school days.)

I design things:

Websites and apps
Crafting curriculum
Collaborating on events/shoots/campaigns
Teaching music to people ages 2-74
Running a luxury service, client-focused business
Community-based social work
Detailed and thorough UX research, synthesis and solutions
Consulting/editing work for friends’ businesses
Growth mindset
Human-centered technology
Multiple perspectives

On top of being creative, I like doing things with people:

Not only am I artsy and a team player, I'm a problem-solver:

Some of my strengths:

Some of my values:

I think in gif
Cheese is my soulmate
There may be some cheaters game players out there who view me as slightly competitive

Some other things about me:

For more details, take a gander at my resume.

If you want to talk with me about cheese, my questionable emoji choices or working together, hit me up below. I look forward to it. 😊

Drop me a line, if you please.

I would like to:

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