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Kaus Insurance
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Making insurance simple

How we helped Kaus streamline its quote process to appeal to the millennial market


End-to-end Design


iOS and Web


Strategy, UX, UI, and Testing

There's a new (old) kid in town

Kaus has been around the block a few times and knows what's up when it comes to insurance, but they were missing out on the younger subset of the market because they relied on agents and didn't have a website.

Our job was to get them up-to-date with a responsive site and expand their reach, especially to millennials that prefer to make their purchases online.

Research deliverables

Everyone hates insurance
(until they need it)

Some trends showed up in research and were repeatedly confirmed during interviews:


‍Purchasing takes a long time and is confusing, so it gets put off and stretched out over several days.


‍They dislike having to give their information and take multiple steps in order to see a quote.


They will reluctantly buy what's legally required, but prefer to customize coverage for their actual needs.


They don't want to talk to anyone, especially because they might try to upsell them.

More research deliverables

How can we make this easier and

Another thing that kept coming up during the research phase was that people were switching back and forth between mobile and desktop, with multiple tabs open, and having a difficult time keeping track of what they wanted to know.

To calm the chaos, we made simplicity our goal and implemented an Everything Page, written with friendly, conversational copy and keeping all information centrally located. Another move toward simplicity came with a Wizard Form for the complete quote and purchase process.

The endgame was to ease the potential client's cognitive load, and keep them engaged from start to finish so they wouldn't bounce.

Prototype of quote process

Testing, testing, 1 2 3

We tested our Everything Page and Wizard Form quote process, and saw a 100% completion rate with minimal errors. There was a lot of feedback about how friendly, easy and streamlined it felt to move through the steps.

Iterations with the progress bar, condensing the homepage hero to encourage scrolling, and adding explicit copy about upfront, transparent pricing helped improve the design.

Next Steps

With more time, we would build out more screens, do some A/B testing, test on mobile, test other quote processes.