The Story of Renée Bruhn

(If reading is not your thing, here is video of me in grad school.)

I design things:

✍️  Crafting curriculum
🖥  Websites and apps

On top of being creative, I get along with other people:

🎬  Collaborating on events/shoots/campaigns
Teaching music to individuals aged 4-74

Not only am I artsy and a team player, I solve problems:

Running a luxury service, client-focused business
Community-based social work
Consulting/editing work for friends’ businesses

Some of my strengths:

🗣  Communication
🔍  Research
✍  Writing
💡  Educating

Some of my values:

🔮  Reflection
🔧  Having a growth mindset
📱  Human-centered technology
Multiple perspectives

Some other things about me:

I think in gif
Cheese is my soulmate
🤰  Pregnancy    +    📚  Ender's Game series
V trippy dreams
There may be some cheaters game players out there who view me as slightly competitive
If you want to talk with me about those trippy dreams, my questionable emoji choices, or giving me a job, send me a message. I’m looking forward to it. 😊